Method to burn body fat

Method to burn body fat

Method to burn body fat

It is said that the calorie necessary to burn 1 kg of body fat is quite 7000 - 8000kcal.

I exercise and use it for 7,000 kilocalorie or can expect that I get thinner by reducing quantity to eat for 7,000 kilocalorie by dieting.

It is not so whether you can reduce the weight to a number street if you do either meal improvement and exercise.

It is a main premise of the diet to become the constitution that I move a body, and body fat is easy to burn.

Not only that, let's make much of that we maintain the calorie of a thing and the appropriate amount to do on the meal menu that overs and shorts of the nourishment does not happen.

As an image, I increase momenta per one month for 3,000 kilocalorie.

Separately from the up of the momentum, I reduce the quantity of the meal 4,000 kilocalorie per one month.

In this, diet of 1 kg is possible a month.

It is a very important point to exercise to burn body fat particularly effectively.

It is to use the above by energy consumption by the exercise for 200kcal every day to burn accumulated fat to a body.

When I walk, generally once seems to be able to use 200kcal shares by walking with the speed of around 100 meters per minute for 40 minutes from 30 minutes.

Combustion of the body fat begins by performing the aerobic exercise of a minimum period of around 30 minutes.

It is to take time slowly, and to exercise.

Because around 60% of power is enough, body fat becomes easy to burn when it is lowest, and 2-3 times move a body in a week without overdoing it.


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